Enairea, the god of peace and ice, is almost always mentioned with Erozeth. Enairea is constantly fighting against Erozeth which extends to his followers. Of the two gods, Enairea tends to be viewed much more positively than Erozeth. This is due to the dogma of Enairea which holds the lives of all, excluding followers of Erozeth, valuable and not to be disregarded, even in the face of conflict. Since the beginning of their divinity, Enairea and Erozeth have been at each other’s throats. They are represented by the most fervent and pious clerics and paladins who constantly fight against each other. While not overtly concerned with mortal affairs, many actions by Enairea have been taken on the material plane just to spite the other. When not acting against servants of Erozeth, Enairea demands his followers keep the peace throughout the land. While simple guard work would normally suffice for peacekeeping, Enairea demands that his followers go above and beyond in their efforts to do his will. This means that quite a few of Enairea’s followers can be found out adventuring in the realm. Usually it is good thing to have a servant of Enairea around you until he or she meets a servant of Erozeth. While Enairea is a god of peace, no one would ever want to be caught in-between a servant of Erozeth and Enairea. For the hatred between the two gods extends quite violently to their followers.

Domain Spells:
1st: Compelled Duel, Armor of Agathys
2nd: Magic Weapon, Calm Emotions
3rd: Protection from Energy, Sleet Storm
4th: Dimension Door, Ice Storm
5th: , Cone of Cold

Level 1: You gain proficiency with martial weapons and heavy armor

Level 2:

Level 6:

Level 8:

Level 17:


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